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Reduce the logistics support requirements of your AGE with AgileAir from JBT. AgileAir is a diesel powered, combination conditioned air, bleed air and power cart for hangar and flight line support of defense fighter aircraft. The AgileAir unit replaces the A/M32A-60 and A/M32C-10 carts with a single, modern alternative. Reduce your logistics footprint while improving your equipment uptime, flight line efficiency, and cost effectiveness with AgileAir from JBT.

This product may be covered by one or more of the following US and foreign patents: US Pat. No. 10,589,874

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated conditioned air, bleed air, and power
  • Diesel powered
  • Computerized self diagnostics
  • Power output options
  • 400Hz
  • 28VDC
  • 270VDC
  • Reduced fuel consumption – AgileAir burns approximately 75 gallons of diesel per eight hours compared to approximately 400 gallons per eight hours with existing equipment; run a full eight hours on a single tank.
  • Smaller footprint, easier to transport – a single 122 inch length AgileAir cart supplies the same services as the Dash 60 and C 10 carts combined at over 158 inches in length.
  • F16 capable – AgileAir variants supply bleed air, conditioned air, and 400 Hz.

Options & Models

  • Can service F35 fighters and other aircraft from a single cart
  • 270 VDC or 400 Hz power options