Product Category

You need conditioned air and specialty electrical power distributed through a hangar facility – we can do that. We supply the know-how and the hardware for central air and power systems in hangar facilities. We have the equipment to support the F35 and other fighter and cargo aircraft. We have the know-how to design the distribution systems, line drop compensators, power panels, pits, piping, valves and other elements necessary for a successful hangar application supplying electrical power and conditioned air. JBT is your first stop for hangar air and power systems applications.

Features & Benefits

  • OEM of conditioned air and power equipment
  • Single source convenience – JBT is the supplier, designer, and integrator of entire hangar systems
  • F35 compatible hardware and designs 
  • Compliant to Mil-Std-704F
  • Options for 18 grain or 55 grain supply air