Careers at Jetway Systems in Ogden, Utah

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Who We Are

  • We design, manufacture, install, and support aviation products
  • We provide aircraft boarding bridges, power and conditioned air units, & telematics services
  • We are a team of 400 people serving commercial and military aviation
  • We fabricate in 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space
  • We employ welders, assemblers, metal workers, engineers, accountants, electricians, etc.
  • We offer great benefits, pay, career opportunities, and an excellent health and safety record
  • We’ve been in Ogden for more than 60 years
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What We Do

We support commercial and military aviation around the world. Jetway designs, manufactures, installs, and supports the passenger boarding bridges, air-conditioning units, and electrical power units needed by commercial aircraft while parked at the airport terminal gate.

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Our defense products support the electrical power and air-conditioning needs of fighter, cargo, and specialty aircraft for the Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine Corp at bases and on ships located around the world.

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Where We Are

Our home is Ogden, Utah. But, with 9,000 Jetway bridges installed, our reach is across America and the globe. In North America, 75% of the public is impacted by Jetway equipment every time they fly. If you’ve flown through SLC, Atlanta, JFK, LAX, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Orlando, Dubai, Taiwan, Thailand, Vienna, Mexico, Panama, Manchester, Dublin, Wellington, Sydney, Milan, London, Johannesburg or flown on a commercial airline chances are you have been on a Jetway boarding bridge.

Who We Look For

Honest, hardworking, conscientious women and men, with skills and interests like the following:

  • Welders, Metal Workers, Interior Finishers, Electrical and Electronic Assemblers
  • Electrical Engineers – High Voltage, Low Voltage, 400 Hz, 270VDC, 28VDC, Controls
  • Programmers – Control Systems, Equipment Monitoring and Telematics
  • Mechanical Engineers – Structural Design, Chassis Mounted Designs, HVAC
  • Technicians – Field Installers, Product Support Technicians, Electrical, Mechanical
  • Sourcing Specialists, Buyers
  • Drafters, Designers, Technical Writers
  • Production / Manufacturing Engineers, Q&A Specialists

What You Can Do

  • Take a look at our current job listings
  • Contact us
  • Let’s see how we can work together
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iOPS Technician
Agile Air Military
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