Corporate Social Responsibility

We are taking CSR to the Next Level.


Sustainability and corporate social responsibility can mean different things to different people. JBT believes CSR is about thriving as a business by supporting the success and sustainability of our customers and our communities. We win as a business by providing exceptional value to customers, using resources responsibly and respecting the communities in which we operate. In my mind, CSR is about doing the right thing.\

At JBT we are driving business success and creating stakeholder value through our Next Level growth strategy. Fundamental to this strategy is a focus on relentless continuous improvement and cultivating our One JBT culture. This means empowering our employees to work as a team to improve what we do in every comer of the business. Our focused efforts have already delivered improved quality and lead times for customers, as well as increased revenue and returns to share owners.

But our success doesn’t stop there. We’ve been able to grow and improve the business while measurably reducing our environmental impact. Since 2010, revenues have increased 12%. Over that same period, JBT’s absolute energy consumption has dropped 11.4% by eliminating inefficiencies and investing in new technology. This should come as no surprise. When you empower employees and measure performance, you get results. This is how JBT creates shared value.

Delivering value to stakeholders is part of JBTs heritage. In 1884, John Bean developed the continuous spray pump to combat blight that was ravaging California orchards. The innovative pump saved farmers time, money, resources and a whole lot of fruit. To this day, JBTs solutions maximize productivity and minimize waste. I invite you learn more about how we continue this tradition of creating shared value for our customers and our communities in the following pages.

Tom Giacomini Tom Giacomini
Chairman of the Board, CEO and President
JBT Corporation