Hydrostatic Sterilizer - Hydromatic®


Our Hydrostatic Sterilizer -  Hydromatic  - provides continuous processing of almost all container types and sizes including metal, glass, rigid and semi-rigid plastic, pouches.

Whether used for condensed soups or ready-to-serve meals, our sterilizer is ideal for processing products that require long cook and cool times, at high throughput, and especially for those deriving benefit from mild agitation.

  • High volume process capabilities of cans, glass, plastics and pouches
  • Uniform and consistent process conditions for high product quality
  • Highly efficient energy usage
  • Fully automated handling with minimum operator involvement
  • Proven high reliability and low maintenance cost
  • Minimal floor space usage
  • Easy, continuous  in-plant-logistics
  • High process flexibility by adjusting time, temperature and pressure conditions
  • Solutions for wide variety of package types and dimensions

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