Fresh'n Squeeze® Point-of-Sale Juicers

The ultimate foodservice image builder, the Fresh'n Squeeze® Citrus Juicer from JBT provides freshly squeezed orange juice in view of your customers fresh everyday. 

Fresh’n Squeeze® Multi-Fruit Juicer

Fresh'n Squeeze Multi-Fruit Juicer delivers best tasting juice at the highest possible yields.

Fresh’n Squeeze® Citrus Juicer

The Perfect Squeeze: really fresh, really good and really profitable.

Fresh'n Squeeze® Produce Plus Juicer

Can process a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. It produces high quality and high yielding juices.

JBT Medals Program

Offers three options to ensure your Fresh'n Squeeze® Juicer is performing at maximum efficiency and delivering maximum profitability.

Fresh'n Squeeze® Support

View our operator training videos online and download the latest operator & service manuals.

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