Frigoscandia LVS Refrigeration

Frigoscandia LVS Refrigeration
Our LVS Refrigeration units are up to 20% more efficient than traditional pumped refrigerant systems. The patented dry suction system delivers more capacity from the compressor and enhanced evaporator performance, which adds up to greater freezer capacity.
  • Can be installed in a few days and is easy to retrofit on all your freezers and chillers; also easy to relocate
  • Fully automatic controls integrate with the freezer control panel; no special knowledge is needed to achieve trouble-free start-up and operation
  • Compact design, with smaller pipe dimensions and no need for a large pressure vessel, resulting in lower refrigerant costs
  • Requires little floor space and provides great location flexibility
  • Fast temperature pull-down. Low-temperature freezing (down to -50˚C/-60˚F) provides increased freezer capacity and lower food product dehydration
  • No refrigerant pumps means easier maintenance with longer service intervals

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