Frigoscandia SuperCONTACT® Crust Freezer

We designed our patented Frigoscandia SuperCONTACT Contact Crust Freezer for quick-freezing the bottom surface of a wide range of delicate, wet, shape-sensitive, or sticky products prior to final full freezing.  We use an ingenious method of mechanical refrigeration freezing and product handling.  We convey the products on a thin polyethylene film running over a refrigerated plate.  The bottom of the product gets a stabilizing frozen crust, one millimeter deep, which allows the product to be transported onto a regular freezer belt with no mesh marks or sticking problems.
  • Quality – we maintain product shape and appearance without sticking, deformation, belt marks and minimal drip loss.
  • Speed – crust freezing reduces dwell time in the final freezing step boosting overall line capacity
  • Hygiene – products touch only the polyethylene film which is rolled up for disposal. This ensures product hygiene and improves hygiene in the final freezer
  • Yield – since moisture on the product underside is sealed to the product process drip losses are almost 0%
  • Cost Efficient – increased line capacity, reduces product weight loss, rejects and energy costs

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