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JBT Equipment Financing

We are always bank competitive and often provide more favorable overall terms. Let us handle your equipment financing while your bank does what they do best - fund your line of credit and inventory needs. Financing your equipment through JBTEF also keeps your bank lines open and available for daily operating costs, as well as any unforeseen expenses.

We offer

  • Traditional loan or lease purchase
  • Off balance sheet operating lease
  • Fixed future purchase options
  • Full service operating lease

100% Financing (including shipping & installation)

  • We specialize in full production line financing
  • You can often include complimentary non-JBT equipment you are adding at the same time

100% progress payment funding

  • Progress payment agreement required
  • You can add a full line of JBT equipment to your production line with minimal out of pocket expense

Seasonal rents and typically longer terms, plus larger residuals than a traditional bank

All On Approved Credit (OAC)

For more information, contact:
Rich Cainan
Director, Customer Finance
+1 678 797 4245

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