Halvorsen 3 Pallet Loaders

Halvorsen Loader

The JBT Halvorsen 3 pallet, 25K military aircraft loaders provide efficient, reliable and safe cargo loading operations on aircraft ranging from the AN 295, C-130, C17, A400M up to civilian B747 freighter. They are air transportable and designed to operate on uneven loading surfaces. JBT Military Loaders have proven their reliability in combat operation zones and humanitarian missions across the globe, in varied climatic conditions.

  • High lift range – from C-130 up to B747 freighter aircraft
  • Safe and efficient aircraft loading operations with auto leveling, tilt, roll, side shift functions
  • Efficient movement of pallets with nine proportionally controlled convey modules
  • Maximum handling flexibility with flip over casters allowing rapid conversion of platform from powered rollers to the handling of rolling stock

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