Jetway® Passenger Boarding Bridges

Jetway Dual Bridges
The Jetway passenger boarding bridge is at the heart of the perfect turn. Jetway bridges offer unparalleled longevity, reliability, and uptime dependability. Innovative controls provide operator assisted docking for smoother, faster aircraft turns. PLC controls improve diagnostic and monitoring capabilities taking the mystery out of operational readiness.  Unique designs and control features allow for increased operational flexibility even with changing aircraft and terminal configurations. Aesthetic options provide the look you want. The Jetway bridge from JBT is the right choice.
  • Corrugated  – Robust steel construction for 20+ years of life
  • Smooth-sided – Steel, aluminum, or other cladding materials
  • Glass – Different tints available, compliant with NFPA heat penetration guidelines
  • Bridges for multi-decked aircraft – Designed to service main deck and upper deck aircraft doors
  • Multiple bridge gates – Bridges with the controls, sensors, and software to accommodate gates with  multiple bridges in use
  • Regional aircraft – Bridges for regional jets, aircraft door sills, handrails, and lower terminal heights 
  • Adjustable geometry bridges – Bridges fitted with elevating rotundas and walks that can move between different terminal floor heights   

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