Baggage Buddy

Baggage Buddy
Ease the move of luggage from tarmac to terminal and from boarding bridge to tarmac with the Baggage Buddy bag elevator from JBT.  Moving late bags from the terminal level to the tarmac and getting bags from regional aircraft to waiting customers can be a problem  with congested loading bridges, frustrated passengers, and expensive delay.  The Baggage Buddy from JBT can help.  Baggage Buddy is an elevator specifically designed for moving baggage between the ramp and the second floor level of the terminal building.  With operational interlocks, user friendly trolleys, and superior capacity, the Baggage Buddy from JBT is a key component in many applications for completing the perfect turn.
  • Multiple mounting configurations 
  • Can be attached to the terminal building or the passenger boarding bridge
  • Includes carts for situating luggage into the elevator
  • Multiple interlocks for smooth operations

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