Flexible Solutions for your Industrie 4.0 Strategy


Improve visibility into your enterprise-wide material handling operations with automated guided vehicle systems. Visit our booth at LogiMAT 2018 to learn more - Stand 7B41.

Support your Industrie 4.0 initiative with enterprise-wide AGV data management, such as:

  • Real-time locations of WIP, finished goods, and raw materials within your supply chain, from macro-reporting to precise micro-visibility of each pick and drop

  • Tracking of all transport units - specialty containers, pallets, racks, and stillages - via software and automated movement from storage to line-side point-of-use

  • Advanced reports on system utilisation, deadlock locations, and other customisable reports

  • Excellent return on investment and fast payback 

Want to learn more? Email us at uksgvsales@jbtc.com with questions. We might just offer you a free voucher to LogiMAT 2018.